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Keloid Advice British Association of Dermatologists

A lot of people come in to ask us about small growths they have on thier peircings.Here’s some observations I/we have made about these over the years, this is not a scientific study but it’s definately what we’ve noticed.

At the bottom of the page there is a link link to the British Association of Dermatologists Keloid public advice page.

Firstly we don’t know if these are keloids or granulomas or hypertropic scarring or whatever name you’ve heard for them. We generally call them Keloids to just keep things simple,although the B.A.D say that Keloids don’t go away so they’re probably not keloids then. What we do know for sure is that they are almost always as a result of and a reaction to your piercing.

We’ve also noted that they can go away.

Sometimes people tell us they bathed them in salty water,just a mild solution of table salt and warm tap water is good. If you use strong sea salt or rock salt or all the harcore stuff they talk about on the web then you risk burning your skin by drying it out. You don’t need to boil the tap water first, if it’s good enough to drink then it’s good enough to bathe your peircing in.

This may or may not work.

It seems that they usually go away if you take the piercing out and sadly, sometimes that’s what you have to do after you’ve tried salt water and giving it time to fix itself.

We hope this helps. Pease post your experiences, especially if you’ve got a cure for these lumps,on our facebook page so we can share them with our online community.

All the best,

Mick Durham

MD Tigerlily LTD

Tigerlily takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information, this is just what we’ve observed over the years and is not the result of a scientific study.
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